dub / nu-reggae

Anglo-French binational FLOX has been sowing his “NU REGGAE “ seeds for years now in venues all around France, and a new genre has sprung up [sprouted ?], somewhere between roots reggae and electro.

Deeply influenced by the Jamaican Culture, from LKJ to The Police, to the more modern Fat Freddy’s Dop, FLOX now delivers his 5th album : HOMEGROWN



Paru le 28 June 2024

With the advent of the Internet and social media, we are constantly bombarded with
news, advertisements and notifications. This information overload can be overwhelming and
cause difficulty concentrating, making informed decisions and maintaining a
balance between personal and professional life. Disinformation and fake news add
an added layer of complexity, making it difficult to distinguish between what is true and what
which is false.With the title “Surviving”, Max Livio & Flox offer us a mental break while
of a song that highlights the importance of art in our societies.


Paru le 10 June 2022

Square represents a major turning point in the career of the pioneer of nu reggae. This extraordinary architect of studio production and multi-instrumentalist did not only record, mix and produce this album but also conceived it to be performed solo. This Square is wide open : old school rhythms or techno-like approaches, vintage dub or futuristic take offs, thick sound basses and melodies, scraped to the bone…

Smoke Grass

Paru le 4 March 2022

Flox is square. Square, precise, direct. He likes to get straight to the point, not to get lost in unnecessary considerations. “I don’t have time to do shit,” he sums up. So his seventh album is called Square and Smoke Grass is the second single (after Coming Out); Flox, true to himself, continues to explore the “nu-reggae” mix of reggae and electronic sounds in this explicitly titled track.

Taste Of Grey

Paru le 27 October 2017

A journeyn, a discovery, a vision…some doors, when opened, can pull you into a new overwhelming world.Listening only to his instincts, leavingaside past experiences and movingforward freely are the main ingredientsof this sixth album « Taste of grey